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This Google AdSense course will introduce you to Google Ad and what it can do for your website. In this tutorial, you will learn how this CPC (cost per click) advertising program allows website publishers to use automatic text, image, video, and rich media ads aimed at site content and audiences.

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Course: Google AdSense 

Time: 09:00am to 06:30pm

Days: Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

Weekend: (Saturday and Sunday)

Course Starting Date: Coming Soon

SSL Training Introduces Google AdSense Course In Lahore


To be accepted into Google Adsense, you will need to have a website or blog.


Google Ad has quickly become one of the most effective ways for site owners and bloggers to monetize content on their sites. Since Google has millions of advertisers already buying traffic for each paid search engine, Ad allows help owners to show those advertisers on their sites while earning a commission on this program. In this tutorial, you will find out how to get the most out of Google Ad and see what works best for site owners and bloggers today.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with a website or blog who wants to monetize a site and content with Google Ad.                                                                                                                            We are also offering Adsense services