Best Android development teaching platform in Lahore Pakistan

The scope for Android development is increasing as apps are more efficient and easy to use their development is increasing exponentially. We will teach you how to use the android coding in Kotlin for android development.

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Course: App development in Kotlin

Time: 09:00am to 06:30pm

Days: Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

Weekend: (Saturday and Sunday)

Course Starting Date: Coming Soon


About Kotlin

In future the Android development will be progressively Kotlin. Kotlin is an expressive and concise programming language that decreases common code errors and easily incorporates into current apps. If you’re looking to build an Android app, we recommend you to start with Kotlin to take benefit of its best-in-class features.

To learn how to architect and develop Android apps in Kotlin programming language using industry proven tools and libraries. With these techniques you’ll build apps in short time, writing small code, and with less errors.


Course Outline:

  • Build your first app
  • App navigation
  • App architecture
  • Recycler view
  • Connect to the internet
  • Designing for everyone