Best Amazon Virtual Assistant Course in Lahore Pakistan

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Course: Amazon Virtual Assistant

Time: 09:00am to 06:30pm

Days: Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

Weekend: (Saturday and Sunday)

Course Starting Date: Coming Soon


SSL Training Introduces Amazon Virtual Assistant Course in Lahore

About Amazon Virtual Assistant:

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person who provides administrative and technical support to your online and offsite business. Amazon VA comes with skills planning and in-depth training. They do a lot of work to help save your time growing your Amazon business.

Amazon’s Virtual Assistants can perform their tasks from any remote location and fulfill online writing and writing roles for their customers. However, Amazon stores and business owners can hire a VA from a variety of locations.

Amazon’s visual aides can come from anywhere in the professional, business, educational, technical, and support sectors. Most of the visible assistants work with different clients from the country where they live or from around the world. Amazon Virtual Assistant can also offer his services on YouTube as a Content Creator.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Amazon Business
  • Amazon Account Creation & Manage Current Account
  • How to Create a New Product List
  • Upload Bulk List including Variations
  • Metoo listing
  • Debugging
  • Compressed List
  • Quality notification
  • Stock Inspection and Management
  • Order management FBA + FBM
  • Use of PPC and SEO Organic products
  • Account Life
  • Review Structure
  • Add Coupons, Promotions, and Deals
  • Product Hunting
  • Product identification
  • How to communicate with suppliers
  • Product quality
  • Listing and order management
  • Launching New Products
  • Customer Complaints Handling, Claims, Billing, Refunds, and Refunds
  • Deal Service Customer Support Service (Chat support)
  • Manage and build FBA submissions
  • Payments, Statements, and Transaction Reports

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